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get_article API

Returns an article.

Test this endpoint:
site_id= (REQUIRED)
&article_id= (REQUIRED - should be URL Encoded)

URL Ex: /articles/hospital-medical-coders-must-switch-to-the-icd-10-pcs-codes-for-billing-purposes-1437.html
ID Ex: 1437 (notice this ID is also the last "word" in the article URL.

&format= (optional, default: json)
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id:  ID value of the article

url:  suggested URL for the article

title:  title of the article

author_name:  author of the article

published:  date article was first published, format: "2014-07-15"

last_review:  date article was last reviewed, format: "2014-07-15", suggestion: don't show if the same as "published"

body:  text or content of the article in HTML format

tags:  tags associated with the article (may be used with "get_articles" and "get_other_tags" API endpoints)

summary:  summary of article contents

public_until:  date through which the article will be public, "9999-12-31" = always public, "0000-00-00" = never public, suggestion: if the article will switch to being restricted, show a message when the article is displayed, ex: "This article will be public until {date}." If the article is not public, display the "summary" and "upsell_text" instead of the "body".

upsell_text:  text (HTML) that may be displayed if the article is not public

last_updated:  date/time the article record was last updated

"body" CSS/DOM IDs

The following CSS/DOM IDs may be found in the article "body" and may be used for CSS styling:

  • fac_article_body
  • fac_article_references
  • fac_article_author_bio
  • fac_article_ad