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get_other_tags API

Returns a list of item tags that are associated with items tagged with a specific tag(s).

Test this endpoint:
site_id= (REQUIRED)
&tag= (optional, one or more tags, comma separated, URL Encoded - "tag" or "type" is REQUIRED)

Tag Ex: Topic: ABN - Advanced Beneficiary Notice
Tags Ex: Topic: ABN - Advanced Beneficiary Notice, Payer: CMS/Medicare

&type= (optional, "tag" or "type" is REQUIRED)
&tag_type= (optional - filter by type of tag, "public4": Loc, Payer, Specl, Topic)
&format= (optional, default: json)
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type:  type of tag ("Topic", "Specl", "CPT", etc.)

value:  tag value

tag:  full tag text [type: value]