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get_topic_page_by_url API

Returns information about a Topic Page.

Test this endpoint:
site_id= (REQUIRED)
&url= (REQUIRED, ex: /topics/payer/medicaid.html)
&articles_count= (optional, recent articles count, ex: 20 - default is 10, 0 - indicates all articles - not recommended, can be 100s of articles)
&format= (optional, default: json)
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id:  ID value of the Topic Page

fac_url:  fac_url value of the Topic Page

type:  type of the Topic Page

title:  title of the Topic Page

list_entry1:  the first list entry text/title

header_text:  header text of the Topic Page

general_text:  general text for the Topic Page (can be put in a "General" tab)

tags: tags for the Topic Page

top_text:  HTLM to be displayed before the page content (header)

right_text:  HTLM to be displayed at the right of the page content

bottom_text:  HTLM to be displayed after the page content (footer)

articles:  N most recent articles (id, title, author, publish date, summary, last_edited_on)

links:  links based on the tags (id, title, url, summary)

addtl_resources:  "Additional Resources" HTML text for the Resources tab

tips:  HTML text for the "Tips" tab

webinars:  HTML text for the "Webinars" tab