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get_webinars API

Returns a list of webinars.

Test this endpoint:

site_id= (REQUIRED)
&item_ids= (optional - one or more item record IDs, comma separated, if item_ids is passed in any tags parameters - shown below - will be ignored)
&tags= (optional - one or more tags, comma separated, URL Encoded)

Tag Ex: Topic: ABN - Advanced Beneficiary Notice
Tags Ex: Topic: ABN - Advanced Beneficiary Notice, Payer: CMS/Medicare

  If multiple tags[n] parameters are used, the article must have at least one tag in each of the "tags" groups. A single tag in a group will require that that specific tag be associated with the article.
&tags2= (optional - one or more tags, comma separated, URL Encoded)
&tags3= (optional - one or more tags, comma separated, URL Encoded)
&not_tags= (optional - one or more tags, comma separated, URL Encoded, links with these tags should NOT be returned)
&order= (optional, default: event_date)
&order2= (optional)
&count= (optional, the number of items to return, default is 10, 0 means return all items)
&page= (optional, the set of items based on the count, ex: if count=10, page=1 returns 1-10, page=2 returns 11-20, etc)
&format= (optional, default: json)
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id:  ID value of the webinar

url:  suggested URL for the webinar

title:  title of the webinar

event_date:  date of the webinar event, format: "2014-07-15"

presenter_name:  the name of the webinar presenter

published:  date webinar was first published, format: "2014-07-15"

last_review:  date webinar was last reviewed, format: "2014-07-15", suggestion: don't show if the same as "published"

summary:  summary of webinar contents

sticky:  Y/N - Y if the item should be placed at the top of a list of items

video_id:  ID# of the Video if linked to "Videos"

tags:  tags associated with the webinar

last_updated:  date/time the webinar record was last updated

total_items:  the total number of items available for the given conditions, used to calculate the number pages when using count, will be the same for all items returned