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Panel Points, Prizes, Rules and Guidelines

Learn more about the Find-A-Code Panel Points program.


Earn Panel Points for submitting items to Find-A-Code or for helping with webinars or creating new tools:

Tip less than 500 words20
Tip 500+ words40
Article 1000-1999 words50
Article 2000+ words80
Webinar 30 minutes125
Webinar 60 minutes w/CEU250
Review a book100
Review an article25/45
Review a tip10/20
Tool idea; accepted/created200-400
Definition, Abbrv., Acronym10
Coding Scenario20-50
Cheat Sheet20-80
Code List40-80


Redeem your points for great prizes:

350Free book of choice
550Professional subscription
750Facility subscription
1000Subscription upgrade of choice (CPT Assistant, etc.)
1500$500 towards any book, subscription, upgrade, course, conference, certification, etc.
2000$750 towards any book, subscription, upgrade, course, conference, certification, etc.
2500$1000 towards any book, subscription, upgrade, course, conference, certification, etc.

To redeeem points, simply email your Panel rep at and let them know what prize you want to claim.


Program rules, please read carefully:

  1. All material submitted to the Find-A-Code Panel Points program must be original material, owned by the person submitting it. DO NOT submit any text, images or other material that is owned or copyrighted by a third party.
  2. Submitted material may have been published before so long as the submitter retains rights to republish and redistribute the material.
  3. By submitting your material you are granting Find-A-Code and it's associated companies non-exclusive, non-expiring, world-wide rights to publish, distribute, package, and sell the material you have submitted.
  4. You acknowledge that Find-A-Code's granting of the Panel Points that may be redeemed for prizes is payment in full for the rights you are granting to Find-A-Code.
  5. Point amounts and prizes may change without notice.  Please refer to this web page for program rules and guidelines.

Guidelines for Submissions

Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting your materials.

All materials:

Articles & Tips:

Coding Scenarios:





If you haven't applied already, email us at to let us know you are interested.  Our Panel Coordinator will respond to your email in 3-5 business days and tell you more about the program.